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About Us

a place that combines fashion, interior design and lifestyle products at two locations in Vienna.
Our passion is the careful selection of products that not only make our hearts beat faster, but should also win your heart. Our motto "All we Adore..." emphasizes our dedication to product curation.
Just a few steps away from each other, our two stores are characterized by different styles and atmospheres, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different worlds:

KBS Store - First Floor - Neubaugasse 36
Our selection includes a wide range of designs from Scandinavia, Japan and around the world. The focus here is on fashion, accessories and interiors, and you have the opportunity to make stylish discoveries again and again. Our product selection is characterized by quality, sustainability and a deep personal connection.

KBS Store - Corner - Neubaugasse 46
Immerse yourself in our universe and bring your Pinterest mood board to life.
Full of beautiful things that we bring to Vienna from all over the world for you. From fashion to interior pieces to lifestyle must-haves.
Colorful, cool and the ultimate destination for the best gifts and accessories.
Let us inspire you!

How it all began...

In 2012, Lilly Egger founded the Viennese label KITSCH BITCH . The beginnings were white T-shirts with funny prints that were only available at pop-ups. Motifs such as Kissi Baba, Be a Leiwand, Nur Ned Hudln, Must Da Wurscht Sein and Jo Eh have thrilled customers back then until now.
In 2013, Lilly opened the first stationary Kitsch Bitch store and added the online shop. From this point on, the range continually expanded to include many new creations and products.

In 2007, the SIGHT STORE opened in the heart of Vienna under the management of Vivien Sakura Brandl. From the very beginning, it was considered a pioneer in fashion and presented not only contemporary, international designers but also local fashion brands. After seven years of supporting aspiring designers from all over the world, Vivien founded her own brand "Sightline" in 2014, which was sold internationally in various concept stores.

The collaboration between KITSCH BITCH and SIGHT STORE began in 2018 when they shared the premises at Neubaugasse 46. This partnership not only resulted in a close friendship, but also a fruitful cooperation, which ultimately led to the founding of the independent brand KITSCH BITCH SIGHT STORE in 2023. Together with their team, Vivien and Lilly curate the two KBS stores at Neubaugasse 36 and 46.